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The potential for 5G is staggering. But right now, it's barely in its infancy, making devices with a 5G surcharge, like the LG V50 ThinQ you see above, hard to recommend. On paper, it has what you'd want from a LG V40 successor. It's more powerful, has twice as much storage, a more potent battery and is one of the first phones that can leverage 5G networks. But that means the V50 starts at $1,152 — and that's not even counting the additional pricing for that 5G network you likely won't even be able to use unless you're in one of the select cities with early access.⠀ 💰⠀ 💰⠀ 💰⠀ It's an awkward time for phones trying to claim they'll let you download entire seasons of shows within minutes, but as with any of the other early phones with 5G access, you're going to be better off holding off or opting for a cheaper option that's just as capable. After all, Samsung's Galaxy S10 and Google's Pixel 3 are still out there, even without 5G compatibility.⠀ 📱⠀ 📱⠀ 📱⠀   #lg     #lgv50     #lgv40     #tech     #technology     #technews     #gadget     #gadgets     #phone     #phones     #5G  

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This Skai six-rotor electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft could eventually take to the skies...even without a human pilot.

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Last week, Apple showed off its most powerful (and expensive) computer yet: the Mac Pro. The highly-customizable, supremely powerful and eye-poppingly expensive desktop. It has its quirks, like not running Nvidia GPUs unless you run Windows via Boot Camp and doubling down on the "cheese grater" joke that followed the original Mac Pro. But for the time being, it's a superpowered desktop that few can match, in terms of specs and price ($5,999 to start + $4,999 XDR display). And yes, the stand for the display is a ridiculous $999, but you probably already knew that.⠀⠀ 💸⠀⠀ 💸⠀⠀ 💸⠀⠀ Unconfirmed rumors hint to a potential September release for the Pro and its display, but even that gives the Mac faithful little time to stash away enough cash for that sky-high price. Until then, it's certainly a sight to behold.⠀⠀ 👀⠀⠀ 👀⠀⠀ 👀⠀⠀   #apple     #mac     #macpro     #tech     #technology     #design     #geek     #setup     #techlife     #technews     #desktop     #wwdc     #macos  

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This is the Moto Z4, a standard $499 Android phone. At least, it is until you turn it into one of the first-available 5G phones to hit the market. In typical Moto fashion, you can make your downloads on the Z4 finish in record time with an additional Moto Mod. It'll set you back $349, which puts it at a higher price than the iPhone XR, Pixel 3 and Galaxy S10. ⠀ ⠀ But if you're going to be an early 5G adopter, you'll need two things: A lot of cash, and a home address in one of the initial rollout markets. Otherwise, the Z4 is a solid addition to the lineup of mid-range Androids, which includes the Pixel 3A and Galaxy S10e.⠀ 📱⠀ 📱⠀ 📱⠀   #phone     #phones     #android     #tech     #technology     #technews     #moto     #motoz4     #motoz     #motorola     #gadget     #gadgets     #5G  

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Gaze deeply into the most detailed simulation of a black hole humanity has ever made. Astrophysicists from Northwestern University, the University of Amsterdam and the University of Oxford all joined forces to build the computer simulation, which reveals that the gas and dust that orbit a black hole's singularity are aligned with the holes equator. So why should we care? That discovery sheds new light on the rate a black hole spins, and with it, the impact that black hole can have on the rest of the universe. Check out the link in our bio to learn more!⠀ 😱⠀ 😱⠀ 😱⠀   #space     #science     #blackhole     #technology     #research     #tech     #physics     #astronomy     #universe     #wormhole     #animation     #scifi     #nasa     #galaxy  

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What's less than a foot tall, can jump for more than 10 minutes straight, hit a height of 4 feet and hit a max speed of 8-10 mph? This little hop-happy robot 🤖

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What does an iPod Touch look like in 2019? A lot like an iPod Touch in 2007. In a surprise move, Apple gave its veteran iPod Touch a big power upgrade with a A10 Fusion chip...and access to iOS. So no matter how weird it may feel, you can actually turn an iPod into a Spotify machine. That presents the question of who's intended to buy a $199 iPod when amazing fully-featured phones can be had for just a few hundred bucks more. ⠀⠀ 🤔⠀⠀ 🤔⠀⠀ 🤔⠀⠀ But that doesn't mean the new iPod Touch is without merits. There's a certain joy to using its tiny frame, and its amazing how a lack of cell service can help you feel disconnected. (Or just put your phone on airplane mode...) At its best, it's an upgraded blast from the past, and at its worst, it's an entirely unnecessary device for the modern age. Your mileage (and nostalgia) may vary!⠀⠀ 📱⠀⠀ 📱⠀⠀ 📱⠀⠀   #apple     #ios     #ipod     #ipodtouch     #ios12     #gadget     #gadgets     #iphone     #mobile     #design     #tech     #ipad     #technology     #technews  

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This hexacopter can fly like a plane after it quietly achieves liftoff, with the goal of one day delivering packages to Amazon shoppers no matter where they may be located.

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Don't you love it when brands come together?   @Nintendo   and   @Microsoft   have brought Banjo-Kazooie into the Smash Bros. fold, but that's not the only thing Nintendo revealed at   #E32019   today. From a Breath of the Wild sequel to an in-depth look at the next Animal Crossing, check out   @GameSpot   for all things E3 🙌⠀ ⠀ 🎮⠀ 🎮⠀ 🎮⠀ ⠀   #e3     #nintendo     #banjokazooie     #smashbros     #gaming     #videogames     #nintendoswitch     #zelda     #gamer     #retrogaming     #n64     #games     #microsoft  

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Don't let your Chernobyl watch party dissuade you from getting excited about NASA's nuclear rockets.

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The only part of   #E32019   that matters: Keanu Reeves being in Cyberpunk 2077.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ But actually, follow   @GameSpot   for all the E3 updates you’d ever need 😎

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Microsoft is now talking about its next Xbox game console, a ridiculously powerful, solid-state gaming machine it's calling "Project Scarlett." Announced at E3 2019, this next generation Xbox platform promises to be 4x as powerful as the Xbox One -- including a custom CPU based on the Radeon RDNA and AMD Zen 2, fast GDDR6 RAM and a new generation of SSDs designed to eliminate load times.⁣ ⁣ 🕹🕹🕹⁣ 🎮🎮🎮⁣ ⁣ The result? A extremely powerful console Microsoft claims will push 8K visuals at framerates up to 120fps. The machine's first task? To deliver a top tier Halo experience with Halo Infinite in 2020. Check out the link in our IG bio for the full rundown of Project Scarlet and the return of Master Chief!   #haloinfinite     #halo     #xbox     #nextbox     #masterchief     #projectscarlett     #projectscarlet     #scarlet     #scarlett     #xboxscarlett     #xboxscarlet  

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