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Double duty tonight but certainly can’t call it work. An absolute honor and pleasure is what I would call it.   @mrapinoe   &   @alexmorgan13   on   @jimmykimmellive   Makeup by   @tobyfleischman   Megan’s hair   @riawna   Styling   @karlawelchstylist   Alex’s hair   @cortneyajamian   Styling   @jasmine.caccamo     #meganrapinoe     #alexmorgan  

362019-07-12 08:00:03

Toby Fleischman

Yes, they are amazing. Yes, I’m floating on air a little from spending time with these two incredible women   @mrapinoe   &   @sbird10   today attending the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards where Megan received yet another statue, this time for the Generation Change Award 👏🏻 Makeup by   @tobyfleischman   Hair by   @riawna   Styling by   @karlawelchstylist     #meganrapinoe     #suebird     #kidschoicesports     @nickelodeon  

202019-07-12 07:55:24

Toby Fleischman

Such an incredible night to bask in the glory of this CHAMPION!   @alexmorgan13   took home yet another trophy tonight winning the Best Female Athlete Award at the   @espys.   Makeup   @tobyfleischman   Hair   @cortneyajamian   Styling   @jasmine.caccamo     #alexmorgan     #espys     #bestfemaleathlete  

412019-07-11 07:05:13

Toby Fleischman

Getting a certain CHAMPION ready for her big night tonight with a little help from Burt’s Bees. Here’s a little hint but you have to stay tuned to find out more!   @burtsbees     #sponsored     #burtsbeesbeauty  

192019-07-11 04:24:13

Toby Fleischman

When you can FEEL someone’s smile in your whole body - that’s   @iamginatorres.   Here she is - the picture of health 💓   @healthmagazine   Photos   @ninomunoz   Styling   @annabelleharron   Hair   @sunniebrook   Makeup   @tobyfleischman     #ginatorres     #healthmagazine     #pearson     #usanetwork  

52019-06-13 00:26:22

Toby Fleischman

Happy Pride❤️🧡💛💚💙

92019-06-09 23:36:44

Toby Fleischman

New work with this fine, fine, fiiiiiinnnneee woman. Whew 🔥 it’s kind of unreal really but I’m here to tell you, it actually truly IS ALL REAL❤️   @cschicagosocial     @modernluxury   Gorgeous photos   @johnrussophoto   Makeup   @tobyfleischman   Styling   @styldbylex   Hair   @tiffdoeshair     #ginatorres     #cschicago     #modernluxury     #pearson     @pearson_usa  

122019-05-31 00:42:53

Toby Fleischman

With my favorite Met Ball Muse today even though we aren’t at Met Ball 💙   @evanrachelwood     #evanrachelwood  

132019-05-06 22:27:22

Toby Fleischman

New work with the incredible   @iamginatorres   Check out this gorgeous promo for her upcoming new show   @pearson_usa   on   @usa_network   launching July 17th! It’s going to be GOOD   #ginatorres     #pearson     #usanetwork  

42019-05-01 23:33:05

Toby Fleischman

bc we all need a little hugging & hand-holding under beautiful flowers 🌺 in the sunshine ☀️   #theadventuresofrhysandfox  

182019-04-13 23:40:37

Toby Fleischman

These two women created something incredibly special with   @broadcity.   And tonight, it comes to an end. The final episode is going to so very bittersweet to watch. I’m so so proud to know these dynamic, beautiful, soulful women and I cant wait to see what amazing things they have in store for us next ❤️   #broadcity     @abbijacobson     @ilana     @comedycentral     #ilanaglazer     #abbijacobson  

112019-03-28 19:55:50

The end.